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Lincoln Caverns Testimonials

I could not have been more impressed by the programming at Lincoln Caverns - the educators knew exactly how to engage the girls and us adults learned a lot too. I've been a Girl Scout leader for seven years and this is the best nature-themed program we've ever attended. Absolutely top quality. Thank you!!!!!
Our trip to Lincoln Caverns was a trip that will always be remembered as one of our best trips. The boys as well as the parents really enjoyed our stay with you. This was a first for some of our Scouts to go on an overnighter. Thanks to you and your staff, we felt right at home. Thank you again for everything. I will promote your facility to other Scout Leaders and hope they too will come and enjoy a day with you.
Thank you for the great experience provided to our Rolling Hills Girl Scouts. Thank you for working with us, for your support, the smooth organization and the fun and educational activities. Please thank your staff for making all of us feel so welcome.

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