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Lincoln Caverns Testimonials

Our trip to Lincoln Caverns was a trip that will always be remembered as one of our best trips. The boys as well as the parents really enjoyed our stay with you. This was a first for some of our Scouts to go on an overnighter. Thanks to you and your staff, we felt right at home. Thank you again for everything. I will promote your facility to other Scout Leaders and hope they too will come and enjoy a day with you.
My wife and I had a great time at Batfest. Thanks for the bat box. It will be put to good use here in Lehigh County. Edgewater Inn and Riverside Grill was fantastic! and so are your bat conservation efforts. Batfest is a great way to educate the public on the importance of protecting bats. Look forward to Batfest 2016!
Great place to visit and learn! I have been going to Lincoln Caverns since I was a little girl. I visit PA once or twice a year. My son is 23 years old and has been there several times. Just this past December my extended family was visiting and we took them to Lincoln Caverns. They loved it! We called ahead, since it was winter, and they made sure someone was there to give us a tour. Plus, they have a great gift shop.

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