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Lincoln Caverns Testimonials

Our trip to Lincoln Caverns was a trip that will always be remembered as one of our best trips. The boys as well as the parents really enjoyed our stay with you. This was a first for some of our Scouts to go on an overnighter. Thanks to you and your staff, we felt right at home. Thank you again for everything. I will promote your facility to other Scout Leaders and hope they too will come and enjoy a day with you.
My trip, I live in SC it takes me about 9 hours to get here. Came up to see my daughter an son in law they took us to see a lot of things. LINCOLN CAVERNS was the best the people who run the place are great they are nice and polite. The one guy that took us tour the Caverns was a great man we had a lot of fun with him. I forgot his name but he was great we will be back to visit.
Tim's tour and classroom presentation was superb! Students also enjoyed making the fossil casts and looking for fossils in the fossil pile. Excellent field trip! Keep everything the same! Schedule of events is perfect.

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