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Lincoln Caverns Testimonials

Everything was well planned and organized. Loved the craft items made. Wonderful program!
Sherri did an excellent job today, answered all questions and encouraged them. Kept us safe and made sure the entire group was involved. She was very pleasant and made sure we had a great visit , this included our service dog, she didn't single us out nor treat us any differently which is exactly how we like it. I will recommend a visit to all our friends.
Great guide, interesting tour! We've never been to smaller caverns like these and our son has never been in a cavern at all. We all enjoyed the tour! It was really cool to be so close to the formations and our guide, Mike, was not only telling us information, he was telling us stories and very clearly enjoys his job. He was enthusiastic with the kids and the adults and passed along information that made sense and was interesting to all levels of clientele. The caverns themselves are really cool - all the different formations we've seen in other large caverns but so close! It was a fairly wet day in the caverns and it was easy to see how they are alive and continuing to grow and change. Would have loved to hear the rocks whisper but the wind wasn't in our favor. Maybe we'll have to come back on a windy day :-)

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