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Lincoln Caverns Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know we had a great time at Lincoln Caverns. Thank you for all of your help! Also, Kat did a really nice job with the program and tours. All of the adults in our group were impressed by her knowledge and enthusiasm. Thanks again.
We were at Lincoln Caverns on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 and we had a wonderful experience. Our grandchildren loved it. Ages 7 & 9. Evan was very patience with the children and their questions (which I'm sure made their visit much more enjoyable)! They also enjoyed panning for minerals. The staff in the gift shop were very friendly. Thank you so much for a wonderful day.
My husband and I were looking for something to do on a rainy day in central PA. We came up with visiting a cave and more or less flipped a coin to decide between two of the caverns in the area. We were not disappointed by Lincoln Caverns and Whisper Rocks. Our guide was sweet and very knowledgeable about the caverns. She was certain to ask what kind of experience we'd had before in caves and brought the tour up to that level (my husband and I had both visited some caves before so we knew the very rudimentary stuff). Some of the formations in the caves were really unique. I also loved the story of how Lincoln Cavern was discovered and hearing about the early years of the attraction. I'm glad we stopped and I felt the price of admission was very much worth it. Just a note, in October they do haunted cave tours and decorate Lincoln Cavern and the gift shop to match. Overall, I highly recommend to others looking for a family-friendly activity, especially on a rainy day when you might not want to be outside too much.

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