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Crystal Healing Classes

Learn how crystals can help balance your mind, body, and spirit

Crystal Healing Classes

Many visitors to our Raystown Rocks gift shop enquire about the metaphysical properties of the rocks we sell.   If you have ever been curious about this aspect of natural stones, join us for a quick lesson or an evening of in-depth learning about how to use crystals in this way. 

Raystown Rocks Presents CRYSTALS 101

Saturday, April 8th from 11-3:00

Classes at 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00

$10 admission

Lauren Peters, Certified Crystal Healer and Reiki Master will be holding 30 minute crystal classes on the basics of metaphysical crystal healing. In this class, Lauren will teach how crystals work to balance our mind, body and spirit. Gems are a wonderful addition to our daily routine to feel more fulfilled and supported. Lauren will be available between class times for free crystal consultations.

$35 individually or $75 for the whole series
Crystals for Mental and Emotional Healing
                Wednesday, April 26th from 7-8:30 pm
Join us for an in-depth workshop about the various crystals that can help us on a mental and emotional level.  Lauren Peters will discuss in detail each individual crystal’s metaphysical properties and how each one can be incorporated into our daily lives for support.   
·      Crystals for Physical Healing
Wednesday, May 24th from 7-8:30 pm
This workshop focuses on the numerous ways that crystals can support our physical body. Lauren will teach about a wide variety of crystals that can help with various physical discomforts that can be used complement our western medicinal healing.
·      Crystals for Spiritual Healing
Wednesday, June 21st from 7-8:30 pm


Crystals that have a high vibration can help us connect with divine energy and create a healthy spiritual flow inside ourselves. This class is dedicated to teaching about spiritual stones that can help heal and open our own major energy centers.   
Lauren Peters
Lauren is a Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master and a certified aromatherapist.   Her fascination with healing tools such as crystals and essential oils started at a very early age, but has recently bloomed into a fulfilling career. A graduate of Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 2009, her wish was to help people not only on a physical level, but also on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.  Since then, she has dedicated her continual education and growth to metaphysical healing.  After receiving her first Usui Reiki attunement in 2008, she achieved her mastery in 2011.  In 2012, she became part of an energetic volunteer program at Greenwich Hospital in Connecticut, focusing her time as part of a group who gave complimentary energy work to oncology patients. Through her three years working with the hospital, she attended three Healing Touch seminars, but most importantly received the blessing of personal growth and the opportunity to meet amazing people. In 2014, Lauren Graduated from Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy energetic crystal healing program and achieved her certification in aromatherapy with American College of Healthcare Sciences.  Her passion is continual learning and passing the knowledge to others.  Lauren recently moved back to the area after living in Connecticut for 11 years and is excited to continue sharing her passions through educational classes and healing sessions.


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Crystal Healing Classes


In-depth workshops about how to use crystals to benefit mind, body and spirit. Instructor Lauren Peters will be available for personal consultation about your crystal collection also.

Crystal Healing Classes: 3-Class Package


In-depth workshops about how to use crystals to benefit mind, body and spirit. Instructor Lauren Peters will be available for personal consultation about your crystal collection also.

The 3-class package provides access to all of the following events:
Wednesday, April 26 2017
- Crystal Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit
Wednesday, May 24, 2017
- Crystals for Mental and Emotional Healing
Wednesday, June 21, 2017
- Crystals for Spiritual Healing


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