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Your ticket to adventure! Three great tours for one low price!


Get Your All Access Pass to Lincoln Caverns Today!  

Included in your pass are three exciting tours for one low price.  Each pass is good for one year from the date of ticket purchase.  We recommend passes be purchased for adults or for children 10 and older.  Children's passes (ages 10-12) will include a bag of Paydirt to pan for gems with each visit. 

General Admission Tours - Experience a one hour interpretive tour of two spectaular crystal caverns, Lincoln Caverns and Whisper Rocks. A wide variety of speleothems (cave formations), including delicate crystals, sparkling stalactites, and massive flowstones, await around every turn!  Visit any time during our regular operating hours to use this portion on your pass.  

Blacklight Tours - Bring your sense of adventure & wonder and see Lincoln Caverns & Whisper Rocks as you've never seen them before! After an informal presentation of our pre-tour program, An Introduction to Speleology - The Study of Caves, tour Lincoln Caverns & Whisper Rocks by BLACKLIGHT. See glowing speleothems & calcite crystals reveal their spectacular phosphorescent beauty while learning about the history, formation & speleothems of Lincoln Caverns & Whisper Rocks. Great idea for an extra special family adventure!  These tours are available on Wednesday evenings in the summer and Friday evenings through the winter and spring.  Advance reservations are required for these tours.  We recommend these tours for ages 10+.

Ghosts & Goblins Tours - Enjoy a hauntingly good time on October weekends with our Ghosts & Goblins tours.  Each year, we write a unique script for Lincoln Caverns that will tickle your funny bone and curdle your blood too!  During the day on Saturdays, family tours will visit Whisper Rocks, followed by a family hayride through Warrior Ridge Campground.  Friday and Saturday nights, we will triple your terror!  After the haunted cave tour, hike the haunted trails and ride the haunted haywagon along Warrior ridge for a frightfully fun time of ghostly scares.  

You may request for your All Access Pass to be held at the ticket counter for pick-up at your first arrival, or mailed to you directly.  Your pass will be valid for one year from the date of purchase, and will include a punch card.  When you redeem your ticket for a tour, the corresponding card will be punched for the tour you are taking that day.  



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Includes one hour interpretive general admission tour, one Blacklight Adventure tour, and one Ghosts & Goblins tour. Children (10-12) will have the option to pan for gems at each visit with a bag of Paydirt.


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