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Celebrating 90 Years of Discovery! 1930 - 2020

Saturday, June 27 & 28, 2020

Thank you to everyone who celebrated 89 years wit us!  We are looking forward to beginning our 90th Anniversay Celebration wtih Discovery Days 2020!  Check back soon for all the details and help us celebrate 90 years of discovery and Dunlavy family history at Lincoln Caverns.  Just once a year, enjoy special historic tours, workshops, children's activities and fun for the whole family.  At special prices too - $9 for 90 - all tickets!  9 AM - 5 PM each day.  No advance tickets/registration required.

Example Schedule of Events and Activities
Historic Interpretive Tours of Lincoln Caverns & Whisper Rocks
PLUS Free Workshops & Activities for the whole family!

11:00 AM      Intro. To Speleology - Interactive Powerpoint presentation, featuring cave formation, types of speleothems, cave life and conservation.


12:00 PM     Fossil Fanatics - Discover the past!  Hands-on activities teach how fossils formed and provide clues to the history of our earth.  Includes fossil craft & fossil hunt! 


12:00 - 3:00 PM  Meet & Greet with our mascot ECHO THE BAT!


1:00 PM      Trogo Who? - Learn about the unique cretures inhabiting cave systems, their adaptations and dependency on each other through games & activities. 


2:00 PM      History & Development of Lincoln Caverns - Personalized presentation, featuring the history of three generations of discovery, education and conservation of Lincoln Caverns & Whisper Rocks. 


3:00 PM       Not Just Jrassic -  Where have all the dinosaurs gone?  Dig into the past and find out with a geologic time activity, a great mass extinction game and dinosaur habitat craft.                          


4:00 PM      Junior Cave Explorer - Hands-on fun with caving basics, rules of safe caving and an intro to cave conservation, plus the cavers' squeezebox and caving games.

You are invited to hike our nature trails, check out Warrior Ridge Campground, use our picnic facilities and browse in the area's largest gift shop, including Raystown Rocks, the largest selection of rocks & minerals in west central PA!  Be sure to tour the Lincoln Learning Center and find out about the many programs Lincoln Caverns has to offer.
Special Ticket Prices: $9 for 90!
Panning for Gems Available at an Additional Charge 

Events at Lincoln Caverns

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