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Lincoln Caverns Testimonials

We've always had a wonderful educational experience. I especially like how you manage the gift shop with the children, putting names on bags and in classroom boxes. Mike gave the students a lot of information in a fun way. They really enjoyed his tour. Alyssa's program the week before is an excellent way to discuss the rules and info - which then can be referred to the day of the field trip. Thanks for a great day!
Our trip to Lincoln Caverns was a trip that will always be remembered as one of our best trips. The boys as well as the parents really enjoyed our stay with you. This was a first for some of our Scouts to go on an overnighter. Thanks to you and your staff, we felt right at home. Thank you again for everything. I will promote your facility to other Scout Leaders and hope they too will come and enjoy a day with you.
...I really enjoyed this trip. It was worth every penny. Geo-caching was really fun. Thank you for letting us shop and stay above the gift shop. I really appreciated it. And...thanks a BILLION for the cave tour. ...Thank you for letting us have a late tour in the caves and showing us the different things in the cave and how they formed over the years. I enjoyed all the caves and panning for gems and geocaching.

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