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Lincoln Caverns Testimonials

Thank you and Jim for a wonderful tour yesterday. We found it extremely to hear authentic and accurate observations of God's Creations. Thanks!!! God Bless!
These caverns are truly unique and beautiful. Each group gets a guide who is very knowledgable and seemed patient with the volume of questions my kids had. Make sure you bring a sweatshirt, it is only 52 in the caverns. When you buy your kid ticket, you have the option to add the pan for gems. We did it for one child ticket and got a bag of dirt that was big enough for both to share. I was shocked how many stones they found- they loved it.
Charming, friendly & memorable. My son and I did a father-son getaway to specifically visit Lincoln Caverns. It was a 4+ hour drive to get here. Wasn't sure what we were going to see but we did it because my son finds caves interesting. I think I had a better time than he did (he liked it as well). What made this adventure so satisfying was our guide Leigh. She was full of energy and enthusiasm, She also knew her stuff, the history, the types of formations going on as well as her own personal tidbits about working there and living in the area. She made us feel very welcome.

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