Group Tours and Youth Programs

Group Tours and Youth Programs

Geoworks Geology / Speleology Workshops

Homeschool Teachers check out our homeschool events! 45 minute sessions for students and youth through grade 7. One hour session for students grades 8 - 12. Activities will vary according to grade level. All of your students/youth must participate in the same workshops.

Attention Teachers:

Choose activities best suited to meet the needs of your students. Let us help you reach your goals!

Documentation provided for all activities relating to PA Dept. of Education's Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology, Geography, and/or Science and Technology.


Junior Cave Explorer

Gr. K - 6

Hands-on fun with 'caving' basics. Learn about the equipment cavers (spelunkers) use plus the rules of safe caving with an introduction to cave conservation. After 'suiting up' with helmet and light - experience Lincoln Caverns' newest attraction Kids Cave Krawl!

Finding Your Way

Gr. 3+

Study a variety of geology maps of Pennsylvania and the area, followed by grade appropriate student mapping activity on Warrior Ridge.

Crazy About Caves

Gr. 2+

Hands-on experiments enable students to 'see' how caves form and how the karst landscape (sinkholes) came to be, concluding with grade appropriate activity relating the surface with the subsurface.

Troglo Who?

Gr. K+

Learn more about the interesting and unique creatures inhabiting cave systems. Through games and activities discover why these animals are so dependent upon one another.

Rocks Rock

Gr. 3+

Students visit various stations performing identification tests and learning fascinating properties of rocks and minerals.

Fossil Fanatics

Gr. 1+

Discover the past! Hands-on activities teach how fossils formed and provide clues to the history of our earth. Make a fossil cast. Find a fossil to take home.

What Goes Down Must Come Up!

Gr. 3+

Explore our future! Activities demonstrate the filtering properties of soil and the importance of protecting and conserving our groundwater.

Batty About Bats

Gr. K+

Find out all about these interesting creatures & their importance in our world through discussion of fact versus myth & fun, educational activities.

S.O.S. - Save Our Species

Gr. 3+

Bats, birds, flowers, plants - many are endangered. Students research their favorite & make a poster to display.

Thinkin' In Lincoln

Gr. 3+

Study cave ecology with observation, experimentation, deduction & reasoning – inside the caverns! Our newest workshop is available throughout the year, except during the month of May.

Where Am I?

Gr. 3+

Find out about the unique creatures inhabiting the different zones of a cave.  Learn about local bat species a range map activity and habitat games. 

Sinking Into Karst

Gr. 3+

Karst Terrain makes up 20% of the U.S.  Explore its development and take a surface geology tour of Warrior Ridge to see first-hand why our actions above ground effect everything below!

Not Just Jurassic

Gr. K-6

Where have all the dinosaurs gone?  Dig into the past and find out with a geologic time activity and a great mass extinction game!

Events at Lincoln Caverns

May 06, 2017

WOW! Wonders of Water ... Underground! Brownie Journey Program

Leap into spring by learning about the wonderful world of water.

May 13, 2017

Girl Scout Brownie Event Day - Letterboxer Badge

Perfect for small troops!

May 13, 2017

Girl Scout Junior Event Day - Geocacher

Box it up!

May 20, 2017

Girl Scout Brownie Combo Event - GEOLOGY ROCKS! Rocks Rock & Fossil Fun Patches

Rock into the underground world and discover different aspects of geology!


September 05, 2016

33rd Annual - Ghosts & Goblins 2016 - Coming Soon!

Pennsylvania's Ultimate Haunted Experience!

January 23, 2016

Coming Soon - 10th Annual Batfest 2016

Spend Valentine's Day Weekend With Us and Our Favorite Furry Friends!

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